Secure Fisheries works in Colombia to promote food and economic security through sustainable fisheries. Our project links artisanal fishers in the Buenaventura region to larger seafood markets and restaurateurs. The project’s goal is to increase the ability of artisanal fishers, including piangua collectors, to compete with commercial fisheries in a larger market.

The coastal seaport of Buenaventura and its surrounding regions have a history plagued by the Colombian armed conflict, drug trafficking, violence, and the presence of guerrilla and paramilitary groups. As a result, Buenaventura has experienced a massive influx of conflict victims displaced from nearby villages and the displacement of its own citizens, bonaverenses, to other Colombian cities. It has become known as an epicenter of Colombia’s internal displacement crisis.  Buenaventura is also the largest port city in Colombia, accounting for nearly 60% of all domestic sea trade.

Secure Fisheries’ Colombia project will help increase stability and security in conflict-prone communities. Fishing communities are amongst the most vulnerable groups in Colombia’s prolonged conflict. These communities contain high levels of poverty and unemployment, and have faced violence from paramilitary groups.

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