Somali Regional Member States Reach Agreement on Licensing Foreign Fishing Vessels

A Taiwanese fishing vessel, an example of foreign fishing vessels that may seek license to fish in Somali waters. Photo credit: U.S. Coast Guard photo by Public Affairs Specialist 2nd Class Shawn Eggert.

At a meeting in Victoria, Seychelles, ministers from the Somali federal government and Regional Member States came to a preliminary agreement on licensing foreign fishing vessels operating in the Somali Exclusive Economic Zone. According to the agreement, the Federal government will receive 30% of revenue from licenses, while the remaining 70% will be split evenly between the Regional Member States. The International Partners Fisheries Working Group supported this meeting with representatives from USAID, the World Bank, Secure Fisheries, FAO, UNODC and donors including the EU, Italy, and Norway. Kaija Hurlburt, Director of Secure Fisheries, helped to organize and facilitate this meeting. The Federal government has not yet signed the agreement.

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