Intelligence Community, Ngos, And Policy Makers Join Forces To Improve Maritime Situational Awareness

Global Maritime Forum

The Global Maritime Forum, hosted by the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office, took place in Vallejo, California on November 13 and 14. The forum brought together experts in maritime security, intelligence, policy, and conservation to discuss ways to improve maritime situational awareness through data development, data integration, and public policy. Secure Fisheries’ Robert Mazurek was in attendance and he remarked, “The big question we have been tackling is how to aggregate maritime data and what to do with it. NGOs and policy groups need to emphasize to the intelligence community that their data is useful beyond proprietary intelligence uses.” This is especially true when tackling issues like illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing. According to Dan Shapiro of the National Defense University, technology is leading public policy around these issues, and public-private collaboration is needed to create useful policies.

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