Global Experts Convene to Investigate Causes and Consequences of Fisheries Conflict

Sustainable Fish Forum
Sympoisum attendees. Photo: Jean-Pierre Larroque

Secure Fisheries hosted eighteen researchers and practitioners from universities and NGOs to examine the state of knowledge about fisheries conflict, form new partnerships to advance knowledge on the topic, and produce new research. Dr. Rashid Sumaila of the University of British Columbia, Dr. John Parks of Marine Management Systems, and Sally Yozell of the Stimson Center were invited speakers. Participants acknowledged there is a lack of consensus on how to define fisheries conflict, and what are the drivers and consequences. The symposium was led by Dr. Sarah Glaser of Secure Fisheries and Dr. James Watson of Oregon State University. Said Glaser, “Fisheries conflicts begin as small sparks; some fizzle out, but others grow. We don’t understand what conditions cause some fisheries conflicts to snowball, while others don’t. Our goal, as researchers, is to understand the causes and consequences of fisheries conflicts to better guide policy interventions and reduce the likelihood of conflict in the future.”

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