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The Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC) aims to understand the drivers and impacts of fisheries conflict and disseminate this knowledge to relevant stakeholders. Below is a list of relevant publications from FCRC members:


What’s happening below deck? 2019. Johan Bergenas.

Interpreting the law of the sea ‘regime of islands’: An opportunity for productive US leadership. 2019. Elizabeth Mendenhall.


Modern slavery and the race to fish. 2018. David Tickler, Jessica Meeuwig, Katharine Bryant, Fiona David, John A. H. Forrest, Elise Gordon, Jacqueline Joudo Larsen, Beverly Oh, Daniel Pauly, U. Rashid Sumaila, Dirk Zeller.2018.

Impacts of anthropogenic and natural “extreme events” on global fisheries. 2018. Dyhia Belhabib, Raouf Dridi, Allan Padilla, Melanie Ang, Philippe LeBillon.

When disaster strikes, go fish. 2018. By Ben Goldfarb. Interview with Dyhia Belhabib, Cullen Hendrix.

The fish wars are coming. 2018. Interview with Johan Bergenas.

Marine fisheries and future ocean conflict. 2018. Jessica Spijkers, Tiffany H Morrison, Robert Blasiak, Graeme S Cumming, Matthew Osborne, James Watson, Henrik Österblom

Like water and oil: fish as a geostrategic resource. 2018. Johan Bergenas.

Could the new fighting between Russia and Ukraine escalate into all-out war? 2018. Sara McLaughlin Mitchell.

The U.K.-France ‘Scallop Wars’ won’t be the last fisheries conflict. 2018. Johan Bergenas.

Fish wars: the causes and consequences of fisheries conflict in Tanzania. 2018. Sarah Glaser, Colleen Devlin, Joshua Lambert, Ciera Villegas, Natasia Poinsatte.

Fishing in dangerous waters? How narratives of piracy and insecurity shaped development initiatives in the Somaliland fishery sector. 2018. Amanda Rasmussen, Stig Jensen.

Shining a light on the modern day pirates pillaging our seas. 2018. Johan Bergenas.

As Mexico tries to curb illegal fishing, drug cartels and fishermen push back. 2018. Interview with David Soud, Johan Bergenas.

Casting a wider net. 2018. Amanda Shaver, Sally Yozell.

Indigenous women respond to fisheries conflict and catalyze change in governance on Canada’s Pacific Coast. 2018. Sarah Harper, Anne Salomon, Dianne Newell, Pauline Hilistis Waterfall, Kelly Brown, Leila Harris, U. Rashid Sumaila.

Building coalitions to stop illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean. 2018. Robert Mazurek.

The case for a whole-of-Africa maritime dialogue. 2018. Ian Ralby.

Oceanic change, fisheries and future interstate conflict. 2018. Jessica Spjikers.

Preparing ocean governance for species on the move. 2018. Malin Pinsky, Gabriel Reygondeau, Richard Caddell, Juliano Palacios-Abrantes, Jessica Spijkers, William Cheung.

China must join the war on illegal fishing. 2018. Sally Yozell.

US must help curb illegal fishing, terrorism, piracy, drug sales. 2018. Amanda Shaver, Sally Yozell.

Tax havens are the tip of the iceberg. 2018. Dyhia Belhabib, Philippe LeBillon.

The death of open access in Lake Victoria. 2018. Sarah Glaser.

Eight reasons you care about IUU fishing - you just don’t know it yet. 2018. Sarah Glaser.

Exclusive ODP Our Ocean interview. 2018. Interview with Sally Yozell.

Fisheries in Somali waters: Reconstruction of domestic and foreign catches for 1950-2015. 2018.Tim Cashion, Sarah Glaser, Lo Persson, Paige Roberts, Dirk Zeller.

The economics of fishing the high seas. 2018. Enric Sala, Juan Mayorga, Christopher Costello, David Kroodsma, Maria Palomares, Daniel Pauly, U. Rashid Sumaila, Dirk Zeller.

Catching maritime criminals: a whole of government approach. 2018. Robert Mazurek, Laura Burroughs.


War, fish, and foreign fleets: The marine fisheries catches of Sierra Leone 1950–2015. 2017. Katherine Seto, Dyhia Belhabib, Josephus Mamie, Duncan Copeland, Jan Michael Vakily, Heiko Seilert, Andrew Baio, Sarah Harper, Dirk Zeller, Kyrstn Zylich, Daniel Pauly.

The clear and present danger to the Norwegian sovereignty of the Svalbard Fisheries Protection Zone: Enter the snow crab. 2017. Rachel Tiller, Elizabeth Nyman.

Cooperative security to counter cooperative criminals. 2017. Ian Ralby.

From sea blindness to wealth blindness. 2017. Ian Ralby.

Approaches to piracy, armed robbery at sea, and other maritime crime in west and central Africa, in Militarised Responses to Transnational Organised Crime: The War on Crime. 2017. Ian Ralby.

Managing conflicts in the marine fisheries sectors in Ghana. 2017.
Godfred Asiedu. PhD Thesis.

Fish wars: how fishing can start and stop conflict. 2017. Sarah Glaser.

One in 10 interstate disputes are fishy – and the implications stink. 2017. Cullen Hendrix, Paige Roberts.

Marine resource scarcity, fisheries conflict and maritime insecurity. 2017. Robert Pomeroy, John Parks.
Sustainable Security. Oxford Research Group, 25 September 2017.

The next resource war may be over illegal fishing. Is the U.S. ready? 2017. Johan Bergenas.

The fishing wars are coming. 2017. James G. Stavridis, Johan Bergenas.

Fish, food security, and violent conflict. 2017. Laura Burroughs.

Filling the maritime law enforcement gap. 2017. Scott Cheney-Peters.

Bones of democratic contention: maritime disputes. 2017. Kelly Daniels, Sara McLaughlin Mitchell.

Natural Security Series: global security and illegal fishing in Somalia. 2017. Sally Yozell.

Outpaced by events: our aging Law of the Sea. 2017. Elizabeth Nyman.

Environmental change and social conflict: the northeast Atlantic mackerel dispute. 2017. Jessica Spijkers, WJ Boonstra.

Civil-military cooperation to combat Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated fishing: A summary of the September 2017 National Maritime Interagency Advisory group meeting. 2018. Emma Myers, Sally Yozell.

Stable Seas: Somali Waters. 2017. Curtis Bell, Ben Lawellin, Alexandra Amling, Jay Benson, Sasha Egrova, John Filitz, Maisie Pigeon, Paige Roberts.


Drivers and impacts of fisheries scarcity, competition, and conflict on maritime security. 2016. Robert Pomeroy, John Parks, Karina Lorenz Mrakovcich, ChristopherLaMonica.

Why illegal fishing is becoming a national security issue. 2016. Johan Bergenas.

A human security approach to maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. 2016. Ian Ralby.

War and wildlife: linking armed conflict to conservation. 2016. Kaitlyn Gaynor, Kathryn Fiorella,  Gillian Gregory,  David Kurz,  Katherine Seto, Lauren Withey, Justin Brashares.

Secure oceans: collaborative policy and technology recommendations for the world’s largest crime scene. 2016. Johan Bergenas, Ariella Knight.

Fishing for weapons. 2016. Paige Roberts.


Fishing wars: China’s aggression could stoke future conflict. 2015. Johan Bergenas, Ariella Knight.

Fishing for war: how to avoid a war with China over seafood – and take a bite in world poverty. 2015. Johan Bergenas.

Resource curse in reverse: How civil wars influence natural resource production. 2012. Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Cameron Thies.

Having the cake and eating it too: fisheries management cooperation between Norway and Russia in the Svalbard fisheries protection zone as an institutionalization tool. 2015. Rachel Tiller, Elizabeth Nyman.

Colonialism, conflict, and fish: a reconstruction of marine fisheries catches for Sierra Leone, 1950-2010. 2015. Katherine Seto, Dyhia Belhabib, Duncan Copeland, Michael Vakily, Heiko Seilert, Salieu Sankoh, Andrew Baio, Ibrahim Turay, Sarah Harper.

Contesting the Arctic: Politics and Imaginaries in the Circumpolar North. 2015. Hannes Gerhardt, Philip Steinberg, Jeremy Tasch, Adam Keul, Elizabeth Nyman.

How illegal fishing threatens development and security. 2015. Johan Bergenas, Ariella Knight.


Fisheries, ecosystem justice and piracy: A case study of Somalia. 2014. U. Rashid Sumaila, Mahamudu Bawumia.

Ruling the sea: managing maritime conflicts through UNCLOS and exclusive economic zones. 2014. Stephen Nemeth, Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Elizabeth Nyman, Paul Hensel.

Wildlife decline and social conflict. 2014. Justin Brashares, Briana Abrahms, Kathryn Fiorella, Christopher Golden, Cheryl Hojnowski, Ryan Marsh, Douglas McCauley, Tristan Nuñez, Katherine Seto, Lauren Withey.


Oceans of conflict?: determining potential areas of maritime disputes. 2013. Elizabeth Nyman.


Culture, economics, and maritime disputes: Barbados and the flying Fish. 2012. Elizabeth Nyman.

Revisiting fish wars: Conflict and collaboration over fisheries in Indonesia. 2012. Umi Muawanah, Robert Pomeroy, Cliff Marlessy.

Climate change impacts on fisheries in West Africa: implications for economic, food and nutritional security. 2012. Vicky Lam, William Cheung, Wilf Swartz, U. Rashid Sumaila.

Norwegian aquaculture expansion and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM): simmering conflicts and competing claims. 2012. Rachel Tiller, Tove Brekken, Jennifer Bailey. 2012.

Unreported fishing, hungry people and political turmoil: the recipe for a food security crisis in Madagascar? 2012. Frederic Le Manach, Charlotte Gough, Alasdair Harris, Frances Humber, Sarah Harper, Dirk Zeller.


Civil conflict and world fisheries, 1952–2004. 2011. Cullen Hendrix and Sarah Glaser.


Illegal, unreported and unregulated fisheries catch in Raja Ampat Regency, Eastern Indonesia. 2010. Divya A Varkey, Cameron Ainsworth, Tony Pitcher, Yohanis Goram, U. Rashid Sumaila.

Few data but many fish: Marine small-scale fisheries catches for Mozambique and Tanzania. 2010. Jennifer Jacquet, Helen Fox, Helena Motta, Amani Ngusaru, Dirk Zeller.


Fish wars: Conflict and collaboration in fisheries management in Southeast Asia. 2007. Robert Pomeroy, John Parks, Richard Pollnac, Tammy Campson, Emmanuel Genio, Cliff Marlessy, Elizabeth Holle, Michael Pido, Ayut Nissapa, Somsak Boromthanarat, Nguyen Thu Hue.


Global scope and economics of illegal fishing. 2006. U. Rashid Sumaila, Jackie Alder, H. Keith.


Dangerous targets? Unresolved issues and ideological clashes around marine protected areas. 2003. Tundi Agardy, Peter Bridgewater, Michael Crosby, Jon Day, Paul Dayton, Richard Kenchington, Dan Laffoley, Patrick McConney, Peter Murray, John Parks, Lelei Peau.


The political ecology of war: natural resources and armed conflicts. 2001. Philippe Le Billon.


Beyond territorial contiguity: Issues at stake in democratic militarized interstate disputes. 1999. Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Brandon Prins.